Fenrir Sircar

A young, but talented captain stripped by the Empire off his ship and his crew


23 year old Human
Mercenary Captain (Commander Tactician)


Born in 25 BBY, Fenrir was raised by Pabu Sircar, a captain of a mercenary ship called Anarchy V. Pabu said that Fenrir was abandoned by his parents soon after his birth, and when Pabu saw him in a small cave in the deserts of Tatooine, he decided to adopt the boy.
Fenrir loved to tag along with the crew of Anarchy V during their missions. However, Pabu emphasised the importance of Fenrir getting a proper education. And so, Fenrir started going to school while Pabu and his crew continued working for the Republic. During the holidays, whenever Fenrir excelled during the semester, Pabu lets him come with them whenever they have work to do.

When Fenrir was 6 years old, the Galactic Republic was abolished and reformed as the Galactic Empire, which marked the official end of the Clone Wars. Suddenly, the crew of Anarchy V found themselves struggling as the new government found no use for such services. Fenrir remembered Pabu always being troubled, and he noticed that he seemed to have aged a lot quicker. Eventually, Anarchy V had to resort to more dangerous and less legal activities. This caused issues between them and the law, and as such, they were usually exploited by the corruption of the Empire.

In 10 BBY, when Fenrir was 15, he was summoned by his headmaster to the office to receive an incoming holocall from Anarchy V. Pabu was killed during one of their missions, details of which weren’t made known to him. With his world flipped completely upside down, Fenrir decided to quit school and take over Pabu as the ship’s captain.

Due to his inexperience and very young age, the crew weren’t completely happy with him taking over. Nonetheless, in honour of Pabu, they chose to stay and mentor Fenrir into being a good captain like his predecessor was before him. Suddenly, Fenrir realised the extent of abuse that the Imperial Army have caused Pabu and his crew.
Day by day, he’s learned to hate the Galactic Empire more and more.
And by 8 BBY, with a whole new group of crewmen, Anarchy V have become less of mercenaries, and more of pirates that raid Imperial envoys.

In 6 BBY, en route to a mission, Fenrir had a conversation with one of his crew – Sabine Wren. Having always enjoyed her company, Fenrir confessed his feelings to her; But she said that although the feeling is mutual, it would be best if they leave things the way they are. He half-heartedly agreed.
Unbeknownst to any of them, however, that was to be their last mission together. The intel was a lure to a trap set by the Army, which they blindly walked into. Anarchy V was confiscated by the Empire and her crew were captured.

Fenrir was sent to Bestine to work as a slave for one of the shipdocks of the Imperial Navy.
Every day Fenrir thought about Pabu’s legacy that was stolen from him by the Empire.
Every day Fenrir thinks about the fate of his men ever since that day.
Every day Fenrir remembers his time spent with Sabine.
With every single minute that he spent shedding blood, sweat and tears in that shipdock, his resentment to the Empire grew larger, as he longed for the simpler days of the old Republic.

In 2 BBY, Fenrir found himself involved in an escape coup which coincided with a rebel attack to sabotage the repair of Imperial ships. Suddenly he found the answer he was looking for. A way to avenge for everything that he has lost – the brand new Alliance to Restore the Republic!

Fenrir Sircar

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