Rebellion Era Campaign

Rebellion - Prelude

((Unlike Runan’s datapad adventure logs, instead of being written as diary entries, these will be written in an autobiography sort of style. Fenrir isn’t the type of guy to write about his day and thoughts, so hopefully would be a bit different))

It was nearly two weeks after our escape from the factories when I finally managed to find a contact. I was told to meet some guy – Tick. I wasn’t sure if it was his real name or an alias. Eitherway, that was the only thing that I had to go by. That and a pazaak chip that I was told to use in our meeting place.

The day of the rendezvous finally came and I walked confidently into the casino. No weapons were allowed in, but I wasn’t carrying any anyway. It has been years since I last held a blaster, I couldn’t even remember how my customised ___________ felt like. As I entered, I saw an unusual amount of on-duty Stormtroopers. I guessed that there was someone important in the building. As to who it was, or why they were here, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t really care. But I knew that it was going to make the meet-up a lot more complicated.

My pazaak chip was replaced by another small disc which had a comm-link and a small note attached, “head to the bar”. I remember looking around the bar for someone who could be Tick. But I couldn’t. And so I decided to sit next to another lone human to make conversation with while I wait. I saw a middle-aged lady sitting at the bar and as I sat next to her, I realised she was actually a Kiffar. As I ordered a drink, a voice came through the comm-link. It was Tick explaining who he was. I could see him through the reflection of a mirror behind the bar, and he was the Duros sitting with 2 other humans. Right there and then, 3 Stormtroopers came into the bar asking for identification. Tick, worried about his cover, asked for my help. As they approached Tick, I struggled to think of a safe way of neutralising the situation. Back then, on situations like this, Sabine would usually come up with some sort of extravagant distraction as the rest of us escaped.

Whilst lost in my thoughts of the past, the Kiffar next to me stood up and greeted the Troopers. She started complimenting the Imperial efforts on everything and I watched on in disgust as she sucked up to these grunts. Regardless, she managed to send the troopers away and left Tick safe, and I confused. It was then that I realised that she also had a similar comm-link in her ear. What could an Imperial Senator want with a guy such as Tick? Before I left the room, I realised that at least a couple of others were there to meet up with my contact.

Tick informed us of a situation with an Ambassador here in Bestine. He smuggles refugees for the Alliance, but the Empire has caught scent of his actions and are trying to prosecute him. Apparently there was going to be a meeting in that very same casino – explains the Stormtroopers. I saw a Moff get inside and up in the third floor, and so I followed. Acting normal and blending in was easy, but I struggled to keep close enough to hear anything. I saw the Kiffar lady try to converse with him, but she was sent away by his guards. Tough luck, lady.

Another man came, an Imperial Agent, and I could see sudden tension amongst the troopers and even on the Moff. I had no idea who these guys were at the time, which just made me more curious. I saw their food about to be delivered to them, and so I tried to secretely implant my own comm-link to their order. I thought, I’d try to have everyone else hear the conversation rather than none of us leaving the casino empty-handed. It was a long shot, which was why I was unsuccesful. We left on a speeder with coordinates to meet up with Tick and Ambassador Locke.

Turns out one of the other guys, a Bothan, had somehow managed to snatch the Imperial Agent’s own comm-link. We head troopers on the other end ask for orders as they prepared to get into position. If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume it was nothing, but I knew the attack on Locke would be tonight. I was sure of it.
When we arrived at Locke’s manor I told Tick that the attack would be tonight. We then hurried onto a secret basement where we saw a freighter ship being loaded by refugees of all kinds of species. I didn’t think we’d have enough time.

With haste, we all went to work. The Mon Calamari went to a computer and tried to hack into the Agent’s comm-link, he was able to pin point the location of 4 other comm-links connected through the same channel – they were moving in fast. The Kiffar helped Locke ushering the civilians into the ship as the Duros started up the ship. I asked Tick if they had any weapons, and he told me they had a few blaster rifles in storage. I didn’t think that would be enough, so I kept thinking of a way to even the odds in case we don’t get out in time. It was already obvious. We wouldn’t leave until the Ambassador is safe, and he wouldn’t leave without all of the refugees. We had to get them moving fast!

“This is Fenrir Sircar of the Rebel Alliance, speaking on behalf of Ambassador Locke. We are aware of your plans.. Stand down, or you will be eliminated”.
That’s what it all came down to. A bluff that I stated in the Imperial comm-link set to intimidate whoever was coming. I knew that this might be able to buy us some time. But I also knew that this would mean that the Imperial force sent to Locke would increase exponentially. We took the risk, and we were rewarded with a few precious minutes.

I piloted a Y-wing with Tick as my gunner. The Bothan and the Mon Calamari flew one of their own. The latter having picked up one of the refugees to pilot. The Duros and the Kiffar stayed with the Ambassador and his carriage. As we ascended into the atmosphere, I shot at the group of Troopers that were approaching the manor. The ones that survived shot back, without much effect.

We reached the atmosphere and were greeted with 6 TIE Fighters. The freighter moved out and prepared to jump into hyperspace as I charged in to greet the enemy. I fired an ion-torpedo to the closest one and hit it square in the middle. It exploded, spraying debris to another TIE Fighter next to it causing its own destruction.
“Well we got their attention”, I said via the comms as the TIE fighters approached and started shooting . 2 of them chased after the freighter, and so I went after the duo, as the other 2 chased after me. The Mon Calamari succesfully took out the TIEs on my tail, as I shot my last ion-torpedo to the remaining TIE Fighters.

After succesfully destroying the TIEs, we had enough time to jump into hyperspace and into safety.


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