Alliance to Restore the Republic


The very core origins of the Alliance to Restore the Republic (also known as Rebel Alliance) dates back to 19 BBY when a few Senators, including Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, joined the Delegation of the 2000 in their opposition against the ever-growing authority and power handed over to Chancellor Palpatine.

Ever since the formation of the Galatic Empire, many anti-Imperial groups of different sizes (factions, planets, systems) have appeared throughout the galaxy. In a plot to force the rebels out of hiding, Darth Vader sent his secret apprentice, Starkiller, to earn the trust of these rebels and encourage them to form a combined and organized rebel force.

Betrayed by his master, Starkiller ended up emphatising with the rebels, and even sacrificed his own life in order to save theirs. In 2 BBY, the Treaty of Corellia was signed, which marked the official formation of the Alliance. This sparked an open civil war against the Empire all throughout the galaxy.

Alliance to Restore the Republic

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