Sabine Wren


Name: Sabine Wren
Race: Human (Mandalorian)
Skin: Olive
Eyes: Brown
Age: 19
Homeworld: Mandalore
Occupation: Weapon’s Expert

Born in 21 BBY in the planet of Mandalore, Sabine was raised as a true Mandalorian warrior. However, during the Imperial occupation of the planet, their living conditions worsened over time, up to the point of slavery. Sabine’s family was one of those affected, and she was sent off-world by her mother in order to save her from the cruelty of the Imperial grip on Mandalore.

In 6 BBY she met Captain Fenrir Sircar of the Anarchy V, a small freighter of mercenaries that have a specific dislike to the Galactic Empire. Fenrir and Sabine enjoyed each others’ company and through a short time, have gotten to be really fond of each other.

However, on that same year, the Empire have finally brought the hammer down on Fenrir. Anarchy V was confiscated and his crew was captured. Sabine was separated and was to be sent to Coruscant for questioning. Her Mandalorian training has proven to be very useful, as she succesfully escaped.

One year later, she managed to join the crew of another small freighter, Ghost. And thus, continued fighting the Galactic Empire.

Sabine Wren

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