Korvo Vos

Ex-senator for the Azurbani system, budding ambassador for the Rebel Allaince


Korvo was born into clan Vos, on the planet Kiffu, roughly around 32BBY.

She was raised by both her parents, who (unlike most others on their planet) had faith in & were supporters of the Jedi order, due to an incident that occurred to them many years before Korvo was born. Korvo would listen to her mother with the wondrous amazement that only a child can every night as she was told hundreds of stories about the Jedi and their tales throughout history.

When Korvo was 10 years old, the infamous Clone wars broke out. Kiffu first attempted to maintain its independence but was conquered by the CIS during the fighting. She managed to keep up with the war via news holovids that were smuggled through the Separatist lines, avidly following the exploits of the Jedi and their clone troopers. She, like many others was shocked and saddened to learn of their “betrayal” at the conclusion of the war.

As Korvo grew up her quick tongue and natural affinity for conversation started to make itself known and soon she was drawn into the vast political structures of the galaxy. At the tender age of 22 she was sent off world, to Coruscant, to work under and learn from the present senator for the Azurbani system (where Kiffu is located), Qaysm Vos.

After Korvo had spent a couple of years in the system, Qaysm Vos revealed something he had been secretly working on. Knowing that he could trust her fully, he revealed to her that he was secretly working behind the scenes to subvert the control of the Empire, to make contacts with other dissidents.

As a part of their newly hatched plans, Qaysm spent more time concentrating on achieving their ulterior motives, whilst Korvo took on a more public role, often speaking for the entire system in the senate; almost always in favour of the Empire and all that it had brought to their lives. Due to her public displays of fervoured loyalty, she was considered a promising young up-and-comer in the global politics.

This continued on for some time, until in roughly 2BBY, Qaysm (having successfully made contact with a contact given to him by Bail Organa), he slipped up and his identity & activities had been compromised. Realizing this could mean his death, Qaysm & Korvo devised a plan in which Korvo gave a public speech (before anything was announced to the public) demanding his exile, claiming he shamed the entirety of the planet and the clan. Korvo was successful and Qaysm was exiled to the outer rim but still alive. She no longer felt it was safe to do any rebel-related activities; she kept the contact (no more than a scrap of paper) in a safe in her apartment and went back to her daily routines.

Just days after the declaration of Corellia was signed, as a part of her duties to one of the committees she was a member of of, Korvo was called upon to speak out, condemning these so called rebels. Due to maintenance her usual pod was unavailable and she was forced to use a different one. Right at the climax of her fiery speech, she banged her hand down on the front rim of the booth and everything turned foggy and grey. She saw the senate building; however it was in disarray, as a cyclone had hit it. She saw a cloaked figure wielding a red lightsaber firing blue lightning at a diminutive green figure.

Suddenly, colour returned to the world and she sat down, in shock. She realized that after years of doubting whether or she would ever gain the powers displayed by so many of her compatriots; the Kiffar gift of psychometry. Korvo returned to her flashy apartment on the political levels, to further ponder the issue. On her way there, she noticed a wanted poster that she had seen a million times before, for the first time. She saw a male, with face tattoos very similar to her own; he was undoubtedly a Kiffar, one from the same clan as her. The name read Quinlan Vos, a name she did not recognise. What she saw next took the wind out of her; below him was the exact same green figure she had seen in her vison.

The holovids she had watched all those years ago suddenly came back to her. Master Yoda had fought a battle against a great evil within the very halls of the senate itself! Suddenly, Korvo felt sick to her very core; her current occupation was very likely surveyed by the evil that killed the Jedi, if not inherently controlled by it.

Taking one last look at the poster, a small glimmer of hope grew in her. Jedi that were wanted meant Jedi that somewhere, Jedi were still alive. To fight such an evil as the one in her version no doubt required a powerful Jedi, and it was time to help resurrect the order that had ruled her fantasies as a child. Realizing she could no longer tolerate operating in the shadows she decided to take a plunge; she returned to her apartment and opened her safe, looked at the details of the contact that Qaysm had left behind and booked the next flight to Bestine.

Korvo Vos

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