Za-Han Roku

25 year old male bothan with scar on his right cheek


Born on a smugglers ship the Red Eagle Za-Hans mother died giving birth. the smugglers who owned the ship took Za-Han in, in respect of his mother. Za-Han grew up learning the tricks of the smugglers. As a young Bothan who was quite small the smugglers made use of his talent for sneaking into high secure places to get valuable information and supplies.

The crew of the Red Eagle like most smugglers had made some powerful enemies they were constantly dodging and evading many bounty hunters but they could only evade them for so long. cornered and trapped on their ship the only means of escape was their last escape pod. the crew of the Red Eagle all agreed that Za-Han should take the pod as the youngest member of the crew Za-Han objected but the crew had made its decision and forced Za-Han into the pod.

The pod landed on the nearby planet Tatooine Za-Han spent many days walking along the endless dunes of Tatooine avoiding tusken raiders until finally he made it to Anchorhead. looking for transport of this planet Za-Han quickly realized that without money he wasn’t getting anywhere unless he hid on a ship as a stowaway. He knew that he would have to find a ship manned with a small crew to reduce his chances of being caught.

He quickly found the perfect ship, it didnt look like much but it was only manned by a human and a wookie. as he sneaked onto the ship it didnt take him long to realize that these guys were smugglers to as he had discovered the perfect hiding place in a secret compartment under the floor paneling. They stopped by at the planet Corellia Za-Han knew that he shouldnt test his luck with these smugglers and jumped of their ship there.

Almost immediately Za-Han saw a ship he liked the look of printed on the side of it was the word Phoenix he decided that he would keep an eye on it to see what the crew was like. But to his surprise it seemed the only crew of the ship was a human female. Za-Han saw his opportunity to sneak abort the ship and hid himself as best he could and waited he started to relax and decided to sleep as he heard the engines start and felt ship lift off. He awoke to a blaster pistol held to his head by the owner of the ship she had seen him hanging around her ship furiously she asked what he wanted and who sent him.

Za-Han quickly explained himself telling her everything he started to break into tears at the realization that everyone he considered family was probably dead. The woman took pity on him and introduced herself her Nova Svel was her name and Phoenix was the name of her ship. She to was a smuggler who had lost all her crew to bounty hunters sent by the empire as her and her former crew where doing work for the rebel alliance gathering and smuggling information and supplies for them.

Nova asked Za-Han where he was hoping to go, not really knowing he guessed that he would try going to the Bothan Homeworld Bothawui and see if he could find a home there. nova agreed to take him there. As soon as they arrived Za-Han quickly knew that he wasnt going to be accepted as a brother on this planet bothans were eyeing him off and a old grumpy looking bothan quickly approached Za-Han asking what was he here for Za-Han quickly explained his situation the old bothan glared at Za-Han and said that there was no room for an outsider in any of the clans on Bothawui and told him to leave before he upset more of the bothans.

Nova outraged by this cruel rejection of Za-Han quickly barged in to argue with the old bothan but Za-Han stopped her knowing that he didnt want to be somewhere he wasnt wanted anyway and they returned to the Phoenix. Nova saw how upset Za-Han was to be rejected by his own species and offered him to be apart of the Phoenix clan Za-Han gladly accepted.

Nova start to take smuggling missions from her rebel contact again and they started there smuggling career together getting supplies and information for the rebels as well as regular smuggler jobs. Years went by and Nova and Za-Han became some very talented smugglers Nova had a meeting with her rebel contacts who had a big assignment for them.

They were asked to get plans from the empire that the rebels believed to be for a powerful weapon. the plans where believed to be kept on a star destroyer! Nova and Za-Han planned for weeks until finally they were ready. Using an imperial ship and codes supplied by the rebels they successfully boarded the star destroyer the plan went of without a hitch Za-Han had got the plans and they headed for the hanger bay where they were ambushed by bounty hunters they narrowly escaped in the ship and quickly returned to the phoenix unfortunately the bounty hunters had somehow, amazingly tracked them down from the star destroyer and quickly disabled the Phoenix’s hyperdrive! Suddenly a gruff voice came up on the comlink HA so that rebel scum was telling the truth after all! You didnt have a chance we knew about your plan from the very beginning haha! hope one of you scum bags are ready to talk!

Again Za-Han was cornered by bounty hunters Nova quickly told Za-Han to copy the plans and use the escape pod! Za-Han refused to leave her but Nova wouldnt take any of it and forced him into the pod with a copy of the plans. her last words to him where “dont worry ill be fine take these plans to the rebels they need your help here are co-ordinates to meet my rebel contact stay save!” and with that she jettisoned the escape pod and Za-Han watched helplessly as the Phoenix got smaller in the distance and then eventually flew away with the bounty hunters ships.

Za-Han Roku

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