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Main Page


Main Political Bodies
Galactic Empire
Alliance to Restore the Republic

Significant Events
Order 66
Treaty of Corellia


Expanded Universe
EU Characters

Our wiki will contain information on
And any other information we want to expand upon and keep for posterity’s sake.

For campaign themes, check out our Home Page.

As the campaign starts to get flavour, I will add a basic description here. Time, place etc.

Of course there is also the Adventure Log – where folks can update what is happening in the campaign from their character’s point of view. Last campaign Trez took that job on board but I invite anyone so inclined to write an adventure log – very good for the role-playing muscles.

Remember we can all add to this wiki – if you want to add a page I recommend you look at this page for instructions on how to do so. Feel to play around for now but when the campaign starts, I’ll start moderating.

Main Page

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